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Light Bitter – Go For It

First step into all-grain brewing and I’ve clearly got a few problems to sort out with efficiency as my OG fairly significantly failed to hit the mark.
That, of course, is why you do test batches at the 4.5 litre brew length so I don’t have an entire cupboard full to get through. As it turned out, what has emerged is something very light tasting and low alcohol – what some US brewers seem to be referring to as “lawnmower beer”.  I think I know what I did wrong (not enough bag squeezing and inconsistent mash temp) so I’ll give this one another go over the next couple of weeks. In the interim – it’s a running beer !!

Go For It Bitter.

Brewdate: 25/4/2017, All grain, BIAB, 4.5L.
Target: OG 1052 / IBU 36 / ABV 5.0 Actual: OG 1040 / ABV 3.1

  • 860g Pale Malt
  • 160g Crystal Malt
  • 60g Wheat Malt
  • 24g (12g + 6g + 6g) East Kent Goldings hops
  • 1tsp Irish Moss
  • 3g Ale Yeast (Muntons Premium Gold)
  1. Mash grains in the bag for 90 minutes at 67°C
  2. Mash out at 82°C for 10 minutes.
  3. 60 minute boil with hop additions at 60 (12g), 15 (6g + Irish Moss) and 0 (6g) minutes.
  4. Turn off the heat and allow to cool for 10 min.
  5. Remove the hop bags and cool in the sink  to about 20°C (about 20 mins)
  6. Check the OG, siphon into demijohn  and put in water bath at 20°C then pitch the yeast.
  7. Two weeks fermenting at 20°C then racked out into bottling bucket with priming sugar (26g sugar in 120ml water) , bottled and conditioned at room temp for 2 weeks.